Friday, June 26, 2009

Hear ye, hear ye, IT'S SUMMER.

So summer is here!
Well, it has been summer for awhile, but since it has been months since my last post...

Now time for a quick quiz on summer!

Q:What defines summer?
A)Blistering heat
B)Road trips
C)Sun burn
D)Being burned by the sun
E)Shameful trips to your Aunt's house
F)Not putting on enough sunscreen, thus resulting in a burn from the sun
G)Sitting at home for days on end because you have no friends
I )Sun burn?
J)Summer loving, having a blast, summer loving, wish it would last
K)Trying to lose your kid at an amusement park
L)Getting molested at rest stops while on road trips
L)Losing your kid at an amusement park
N)Really bad sunburn
O) Swimming


The answer is swimming.

The rest of those things have no correlation to the season of Summer.

So now that you have completed the quiz, I'm now going to tell you about swimming.
I am not going to tell you about swimming.

But I will tell you that I just started swimming again.
When I was in middle school I developed a strong distaste for swimming, and swam only a handful of times throughout all of middle school.
And before last week, the last time I had swam was just about 3 years ago.
This experience kept me away from swimming for such a long time because;
A) I was forced to swim
B) It was filthy(the main reason I stopped swimming while in middle school)

So after 3 long years of a swimless life, I just decided to give it another shot.
I woke up one day and forced my friend to go swimming with me.
I figured that if I was going to try and swim again, it might as well be at the holy grail of disgusting swimming holes; the public pool.

As I had not swam in over 3 years, I did not own a swimming suit, so I had to use a pair of gym shorts.
Long story short, I really enjoyed swimming. It was great, and I truly had been missing out.

So, a few days later I went out and bought a swimming suit. Nothing fancy, I mean who cares what you look like while you are swimming? You are bathing in other people's filth, it is hard to look good while doing that.

I really wish I could write more, but I have to go to work!
I enjoyed swimming, and will be swimming the crap out of this summer.