Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yep. It's the party room.
It may be hard to read, but the neon sign reads "party room", I had to try and look inconspicuous so all the people didn't think I was taking a picture of them.
What is the party room? No one knows...
But the oriental restaurant where the party room resides is quite strange. They went from playing some sort of oriental pop music, then Akon, and then Kenny G. I kind of stopped listening after that... Quite the variety in music.

Anyways, today my father and I went to an oriental market to get some Chinese food. The food was pretty good, but it reminded me that we needed to pick some soy sauce up for our house. So after we finished eating, we went next door to the oriental super market and picked some soy sauce up.
While we were there, my dad decided that he wanted to get a boba, so I got one too. The people there were really nice, and the girl working the cash register chuckled when my dad referred to the tapioca pearls as "goobers".
But when I was looking at the cup, I noticed something peculiar; they spelled Fort Worth Wrong.In case the picture is unclear to you, the cup reads "Fore Worth, TX"
I could not tell you why I found this so funny, I just did.