Saturday, January 31, 2009


Here is the real question: Who wouldn't want to be a cop after seeing what this guy is doing?

I mean what the hell?
I have no idea what this guy could be doing!
Capturing terrorists?
Stopping a bank robbery?
Just being a bad ass?
For all I know he is doing all of the above.

I mean just take a look at what is in his hands. Nothing says "I'M A MAN DAMMIT!", more than whatever that thing is. Is it a gun? Is it a grenade launcher? Who cares?! He is a man, and he know his place.

Oh, and what really makes this whole picture great is old glory in the background. I wish every cop in the world had an American flag following them, flying high and proud, wherever they went. That is right. Every cop in the world. Look out Japan, HERE COMES AMERICA.

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